Monday, March 21, 2011

behind the screen HC

Alhamdullilah akhirnya launching Hijabers Community tgl 19 maret 2011 bisa terlaksana dengan baik. ini ada beberapa foto yang diambil disela-sela acara (muup kalo ga bagus ya,maklum bb camera)
Models for rehersal until GR

Before Makeup

Irna La Perle
with tante Irna
with Dian Pelangi models
Love this Dress
with elok and ichi
with Ina Rovi, Tante Irna and Dian Pelangi


so cute loove it


this is my ID Card and free Invitation
The Goodie Bag
Thank u Wardah
all Models get this for free from tante Irna
My items from the bazaar
My dress : 1. Irna La Perne
2. shabilla

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Loveee it!

Hareem pants : Nably covered
Headscraf : From my moms
Accessories : No brand

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

whats on my bag

this is one of my favorite bag, actually my moms bought it for me and i loove it very much
coz its simple, cute and also stylist i thiiink

i also like the color and of course the brand

this is what i use to bring with me everywhere i go
  1. My Wallet
  2. My Car key
  3. My Blackberry
  4. My Namecard
  5. My lipstick
  6. My I-touch
  7. My Card
  8. My Home keys
  9. My phone
  10. My Flashdisk
  11. My Wettissue
actually not all the things i bought in my bag, my cosmetic bags, my other cellphone and my modem Flashdish

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Monday, March 7, 2011

The HC Models Search

 start from the information about the HC Models Search for HC Launching event  (
so i decided to participated in the event
Alhamdullilah i've got email that confirm me as the 24 finalis for HC Models Search
i was invited to attend the audision at anggrek studio on 28th feb, im so excited eventhough i came late but i have such a good time there, having to know with the others models. they were so gorgeous i think i will not pass the audision.
this is my outfit during audition
so after the interview and the audision stuff the judge called all the finalis to have photoshoot thats was very exciting moments and the end all the finalis get the souvenirs from dian pelangi yeaaaay awesome
finalis and the judges
but after the awesome audition the finalis still have to wait coz not all of the finalis can be the models for HC launching event,that make me worried but what ever the result is i still have the great experience and having gorgeous friends.

alhamdullilah yesterday (7maret2011) i know from the twitter of HC announcement : who"ll walk on HC Launching Fashion Show, i read my name as the 12 models for HC Launching event so excited.

some pict are taken from

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