Sunday, March 25, 2012

Style Inspiration : Going to the beach


This is my last day in this town, feel sad already 


My Outfit 
Scarf  : alls-scarf
Tops & Dress : Alfara by Moshaict

Photos taken by : Giovanny (My Hubby)  

Friday, March 23, 2012

Style Inspiration : chasing a dragonfly


Im so curious with dragonfly
Why they're so pretty 
I hope i can capture them in my camera
Where r u dragonfly......

My Outfit
Shawl : Abstract Shawl by Mainland Heritage 
Tops  : Harajuku tops by Hachi-T 
Skirt  : Polka Skirt by Mainland Heritage 
Thank you Mainland Heritage
You can find Mainland Heritage at Moshaict and follow their twitter @mainlandher

Photos taken by : Giovanny (My Hubby) 

Style Inspiration : Tokyo


i've got this Tokyo tops from hachi-t, love the color and the material.
thank u hachi-t

Photos taken by : Giovanny (My Hubby) 

My Outfit
Scarf : Alls-scarf 
Tops: Tokto tops by hachi-t
please visit their facebook Hachi-T and follow @hachi__t

Hijab Creation : 2nd Hijab Tutorial


alhamdulillah ladies, my second hijab tutorial 

thank u Alls-scarf , i love all your scarf 

 1. Pake inner dan rapikan, sehingga tidak ada rambut yang terlihat, lalu ambil ujung lebar scarf.
2. Ikat kedua ujung scarf yang lebar kebelakang leher.
3. Ambil bagian yang panjang kesisi sebelah kiri, kemudian twist dan ambil bagian dalamnya 

 4. Sesudah dibawa kekiri dan di twist, buat seperti kalung dan bawa keatas kepala
5. Beri pentul pada sisi sebelah kanan.
6. Kemudian rapikan sisi sebelah kiri.

7. Kemudian beri pentul sisi bagian kiri.
8.Sisa bagian yang terurai rapikan dan beri pentul atau bross.
9. Tadaaa, selesai untuk mempermanis bisa diberikan bross cantik. 

Semoga hijab tutorial yang kedua bisa menginspirasi ya ladies, so simple and pretty hehehe
selamat mencoba

Photos taken by : Giovanny (My Hubby) 

Scarf : Alls-scarf 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Style Inspiration : Ailes

thank u Hachi-T for this dress
please visit their facebook and follow their tweet @hachi__T 

Photos taken by : Giovanny (My Hubby) 

My Outfit
Shawl : Alls-Scarf
Dress : megumi dress by hachi-t


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Style Inspiration : Lets Go


when i got my mood droop or my schedule full 
then the one things i need is refreshing so Lets Go 

My Outfit 

Scarf  : Alls-scarf 
Tops  : Tokyo Top by HACHI-T
Dress : Coral Dress by MISLA
please visit Hachi-T and follow their twitter @hachi__T 

Hijab Creation : 1st Hijab Tutorial


Alhamdulilah, this is my first tutorial hijab
as all you know i already promise that i will make the tutorial from my daily hijabstyle
so here it is, i hope u like it ladies 

  Prepare your inner, your favorite shawl or scarf, and pin

1. Wear inner that you like, just make sure your hair is neatly closed, then manage your shawl or scarf one side shorter than the other side.
2. Take the longest side to your ear then secure it.
3. So that you still can see that one side shorter and one side longest.

4. Twist and bring up the longest side to your head and secure it.
5. Back to the shorter side, take the midle of your shawl or scarf side and bring up to your head then pin it that will make a drappery look.
6. Then do the same with your longest side
So here it is my daily hijabstyle look like, my inspiration came from Hana Tajima hijabstyle look like, its so Easy dont you think? i call it messy hehehe because it look like messy to me.

Photos taken by : Giovanny (My Hubby)

My Outfit
Scarf  : Misla 
Inner : Moshaict 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Style Inspiration : Queen


when i was  a child sometimes i feel like i want to be a princess because i love the dress.
dont u think so ladies?? i love the dress that looks like gown, long, pretty and lovely.
time flies but i still love my dream, but i think not as a princess anymore but queen.

Then i've got this dress from Nonieq one of creative designer ever, i love the fabric, the model and the color make me feel like a queen. 
Thank you somuch noniq, love you

Photos taken by : Giovanny (My Hubby)

My Outfit : 
Scarf : Jenahara 
Dress: Lisabeth dress by Nonieq
please visit Noni blogs and follow her twitter @noniizakiah 


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Style Inspiration : play with me

My Outfit
Shawl : Alls-scarf 
Cardigan : Unbranded 
Dress : Coral Dress by MISLA  
Thank you Alls-scarf for giving me such lovely scarf, love it 

Photos taken by : Giovanny (My Hubby)