Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Style Inspiration : Queen


when i was  a child sometimes i feel like i want to be a princess because i love the dress.
dont u think so ladies?? i love the dress that looks like gown, long, pretty and lovely.
time flies but i still love my dream, but i think not as a princess anymore but queen.

Then i've got this dress from Nonieq one of creative designer ever, i love the fabric, the model and the color make me feel like a queen. 
Thank you somuch noniq, love you

Photos taken by : Giovanny (My Hubby)

My Outfit : 
Scarf : Jenahara 
Dress: Lisabeth dress by Nonieq
please visit Noni blogs and follow her twitter @noniizakiah 



  1. MBAMUTHH! FIXXX! how to do this kind of hijab dev? hijab tutorial please :)

  2. hahahhaaa ineeeezzzz, ini jilbab biasa nezz ayoo ketemuaan yuuk nti ku ajarin yes, kuuuaaangeeeeen