Sunday, May 27, 2012

Style Inspiration : Keraton


Cirebon has four palaces - known as Keraton, keraton kasepuhan, keraton kanoman, keraton kacirebonan, keraton keprabonan. this is keraton kasepuhan, It was built in 1527 and its architecture and interior are a blend of Sundanese, Javanese, Islamic, Chinese and Dutch styles. The Keraton Kasepuhan is the oldest keraton (sultan's palace) in the Indonesian city of Cirebon. It is the residence of the sultan of kasepuhan.


i love the ornamen in keraton kasepuhan, and its look like my outfit today, 
thank you dhiyaa i really like this tops, so comfy and love the pattern. ladies please visit their facebook and follow their twitter @dhiyaastore

 My Outfit :
scarf : Alls-Scarf 
tops : dhiyaa 
pants : nadjani

Photos taken by : Giovanny (My Hubby)


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