Saturday, July 21, 2012

blue and polka


widedress is my favorite dress ever, 
i can mix and match with anything i want
love love loveee it

guess who's the girls at my back??

btw, ladies the ramadhan kareem were coming, alhamdulillah ya robb
as a muslim, please forgive me for all the mistake ive done, my words, my attitude and everything
maaf lahir bathin, marhaban ya ramadhan.
happy fasting ladies 

My Outfit:
Shawl : Kivitz
Dress : Misla
Cardigan: Mickey & co

Friday, July 20, 2012



fiugh glad to be back again sistaaaa, so many things to do (alasan :D) first, how are you doing ladies? hope all of you are fine, amiien. last sunday there was a big event (sisterhood by dian pelangi) and i have the oppurtunity for being part in the events (yeaay, alhamdulillah). why i called this big event? because i see a lot of pretty girls and stylish muslimah there, and also have a chance to meet lovely fashion blogger from Malaysia like jezmine zaidanami schaheera , and shea rasol and last but not least of course the amazing Dina Toki-o and Hana Tajima .

i love how dian organized the event, so colourfull, sweet aaa just wanna eat all the decoration. and for your information dian also launch her book that day "HijabstreetStyle" and surprise i find my picture there yeaaay thanks dian.

look who's beside me?lovely dont you think?

dian, me and dina what an inspiring ladies
dina and the models
in this event, dina also participate in fashion show, her design is very unique some of them were made from curtain (ikea product).

treimee collection

me and inez, love her much, she so funny
me, nada, uul and marylies
ami, shea and jezmine their were rock
so happy ladies, being part of this event so many muslimah there, so many positif energy that i have and it inspiring me alot, thank you dian for creating this event, and ladies dont forget to buy dian book ok.

My outfit:
Shawl : Jenahara
T-shirt : unbranded
Skirt: Nadjani