Friday, August 31, 2012

Style in Frame : Lady Bird

just love this Kivitz tops, so unique and love the colors

My Outfit 

Shawl : Kaffah 
Tops : @_KIVITZ_
Jeans : unbranded 
Bags : Channel 

Photos taken by my Hubby

Were just the kids


last week me, hubby and my cousin going to timezone
we are going to have fun
this my cousin, nadila (just call her princess) and tio
when u bring kids to timezone, the one things you guys u should know is there is no rule
just recharge the card with money and having fun, just enjoy
eventhough we have so much fun, but yes still difficult to decide what prize we love
guess what? yes the princess want turtledoll for the prize 

all photos taken by my Hubby and Nadila

Style in Frame : Fresh orange

just feel in da mood of having sumtin fun 

My Outfit 
shawl : a gift from my friend
Tops: Dhiyaa
Pants : Zara 
Longcardy : Temiko 

Photos taken by My Hubby 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Style In Frame : Luminous


so in love with this dress, love in first sight
thanks to etu always love your design

My Outfit 

Scarf : Inascarf
Tops : Moshaict 
Pants : unbranded 
Dress : Mainlandheritage 

Photos taken by My Hubby

Style Inspiration : Dolce

i love blue, always make my day, simple and sweet just like my skirt from Dhiyaa 
thank you Dhiyaa for the skirt always love the product.
follow @dhiyaastore 

My Outfit 

Scarf : InaScarf 
Tops: unbranded Sweater 
Skirt : Dhiyaa 

Photos Taken by : My Hubby 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Style in Frame : Merdeka


Happy Independence day Indonesiaku ke 67th (sorry for late post)


Inspire by the Indonesian flag, i choose to wear red and white for celebrate the Independence day
thank you Dhiyaa for the outfit, love the fabrics and the pattern.
Girls, please follow their twitter @dhiyaastore 

My Outfit :
Shawl : All-Scarf 
Tops : Cocoon by Dhiyaa
Pants : Shanaz pants by Dhiyaa

Photos taken by : My Hubby